For several months last year, I collaborated with Sel Balamir of Amplifier on a serious of images for the second volume of their album project The Octopus. Sel’s plan was to create a sequence of paintings inspired by fractal imagery. The process was exciting as Sel gave me this one solid starting point then urged me to run with any possible inspiration that came of it. Like walking a dog to the park and taking the leash off, I went crazy.

Thumbnails were overly rough. They were drawn in a notoriously tiny sketchbook which was all I had brought with me to an even tinier hotel room in NY.

Those thumbs left too much blur. There was a lot of detail to cover in sketch level.

This became an intensely fascinating experience. Sel and I seemed to be perfectly attuned every step of the way, concerning ourselves only with creating art. Bouncing ideas off of each other became something I really looked forward to every time a piece approached its final stage.

To make matters ever sweeter, just check out this album’s gorgeous design here.

Inspired by their music, this became one of the most personal projects I’ve ever executed. Such an allowance is rarely given by a client and it lead to a surprisingly satisfying experience. I really look forward to collaborating with Sel once more.