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My father fervently and fruitlessly attempted to instill all sorts of sports into my not-so-surprisingly detached head. Rare is the event that makes me question my disinterest in such matters. This was certainly one but to hell with that. Tight deadline, lots of drawing, great art director, all too exhilarating to say no. So I ran with it and had the most exciting job I’ve had this year. It’s March, I know, whatever.

Art director Nick Mrozowski from Adweek had this idea to turn a recently conducted poll into a two spread, banner-type illustration that incorporated all poll winners. He called and asked “you think we can pull this off?”. I heard “I dare you to make this”. He sent me a mockup, and we got started with setting up the comp.

Everything in its right place, we started detailing likenesses and such. At this point, my lack of knowledge about sports started to show, not to mention cripple our speed. To meet the deadline, we had to move through research quickly.

My wife, camera in hand, took some of the goofiest pictures I have posed for. You’ll get to see none of that. It all gets better when I call my sports-freak-friend Jorge for some reference consultation and, bless his heart, he attempts to explain basketball to me. I may know more than I care about the sport, but sat through it anyway as I’ve never genuinely given him pointers to me possessing that information.

And then we colored/painted it. I’ve never really felt excited about meeting a deadline. It’s just something you do. It is expected of you. But this time, both Nick and I knew we were pulling something heavy up a hill, and we had little time to do it. So, yeah, we were both pretty excited.

I don’t really know why, but it seems uncommon to see my illos with type over them. Likely that the lack of breathing space may be throwing designers and art directors off. I don’t blame them. I couldn’t wait to see this in print as I knew the layout would really activate it. These are the scanned spreads.

By the way, click on these things, cuz they’re huge.

Thanks for the patience, Nick!